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Over the years, our relationship with Mitsubishi has evolved to include a 360-degree approach when it comes to their social media presence. We manage, produce, edit and post the content to their Canadian social channels. This requires a constant fresh take on how to shoot the cars they have readily available for our team to take out, as well as keeping captions new and engaging. In such a saturated market, how do we do this you ask?

Our teams of writers, producers and directors come together once a month to develop concepts to shoot for the following month of content. Each time, we try to outdo ourselves from the previous month so that we aren’t just delivering content for the sake of it – we’re maximizing the production based on the budget provided from our client.

In one day, we were able to set up a gimbal system that allowed us to remotely control and capture dynamic photo and video content. To put it simply: we mounted a camera onto a car to help capture unique and exciting shots on the road. 

Our techniques aren’t reserved for large feature film productions – we’re able to keep your budget and meet your high expectations. Working with a client on a retainer basis allows us to grow alongside them, further maximizing our potential together. We become a part of their brand, making suggestions and pivoting strategy to meet their evolving needs.

3 Commercials, 3 Years