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Production in the age of COVID can be complicated. A recent production for ZitSticka is a great example: in the midst of a (partial) lockdown with clients remotely based on New York and Australia. First and foremost, it was crucial to recreate the collaborative environment & confidence that comes from having a client present on set.

To recreate this experience, we collaborated closely with the client in pre-production to ensure a detailed system of reviews & approval was in place on every conceivable component of the shoot. We collaborated across multiple platforms, everything from Slack to Slides to and even iMessage.

Finally, on shoot day, we set up a video village so our client was able to view our live camera feed as well as a playback monitor and communicate with our director and producers in real time.

Behind the scenes, shoots may be more complicated now, but for our clients, they are as seamless as they’ve always been.